2nd International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics

pt. Logistics Facing Challenges of Food Security and Environmental Protection,
Poznań, June 22-23, 2017

News & deadlines

11 JUL
The book of abstracts has been posted in the Call for papers tab


1. Food losses and waste in the agri-food sector

  • losses at the stage of food production including logistics
  • losses at the stage of food consumption
  • reverse logistics - waste from supermarkets
  • the development of waste management policy
  • legal aspects of waste management
  • others


2. Traceability in the food supply chains

  • systems for certifying the quality of delivering of raw materials and products
  • certification of storage systems
  • certification of transport systems
  • trust and partnership in the supply chain
  • smooth flow of information
  • others


3. Sustainable food supply chains

  • soil compaction in terms of the internal transport of agricultural enterprises
  • pollution caused by transport
  • green logistics
  • legal aspects of green logistics
  • sustainable logistics
  • development of the CSR and LSR concepts for the food supply chain
  • reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful substances
  • others


4. Engineering for food security

  • transport systems for internal and external transport
  • storage systems for agri-food products
  • IT systems
  • packaging - safe for food and the environment
  • transport regulations of animals, plants and food products
  • others


5. Problems, challenges and trends in food supply chains

  • the role of information in maintaining food security
  • long distribution channels
  • large range and diversity of supply sources
  • poor logistics infrastructure and limited access to required resources
  • global food supply chains - mechanisms for coordinating the actions of participants
  • design of model solutions in the food supply chains
  • intelligent IT solutions in the logistics in terms of the environment protection
  • financial support for the development of policy on food safety
  • others