2nd International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics

pt. Logistics Facing Challenges of Food Security and Environmental Protection,
Poznań, June 22-23, 2017

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11 JUL
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Theme and background

FAO reports that feeding of the growing population will be soon one of the major problems of humanity in the coming decades. However, this is does not only concern the quantity.


The increasing environmental, social and ethical problems, as well as public awareness of the impact of food production and consumption on the environment, leads to increase pressure of consumer organizations, environmental advocacy groups, policy-makers, and several consumer groups on agri-food companies to introduce systemic solutions throughout the food supply chain ("from farm to fork"). They aim to be safe for the society and be environment friendly. Hence, such supply chains become a particular challenge for logistics.


Taking this into account, nowadays the issues of food safety should not only be limited to the sphere of the production at the farm level.


Thus the safety food flow throughout the supply chain should be ensure for the consumer.


Therefore we need the appropriate means of transportation, storage, both safe and ecological packaging, efficient information systems in terms of flow and processing to ensure ongoing monitoring, as well as legal solutions in these aspects. In addition, the functioning of all these elements must meet the requirements for maintaining a safe environment.


Therefore, nowadays the creation of efficient and environmentally friendly logistics systems which guarantee the delivery of safe food products for consumers become the objective of logistics management. The realization of these objectives allow the effective implementation of LSR and CSR concepts into enterprises.

 Such solutions are becoming key factors of success for manufacturers, logistics companies and retailers operating in the food supply chain.

 We cordially invite you to the 2nd International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics:Logistics Facing Challenges of Food Security and Environmental Protection’, which will take place in Poznan on June 22-23, 2017. During the Forum there will be an opportunity to exchange views and present proposals for solutions to the above mentioned issues.


The Forum will also include III National Scientific Conference AGROLOGISTYKA.




1. Food losses and waste in the agri-food sector

 2. Traceability in the food supply chains

 3. Sustainable food supply chains

 4. Engineering for food security

 5. Problems, challenges and trends in food supply chains


It is assumed to consider the proposed themes in different aspects (eg. legal issues, economic, technological, social, health, etc.). This interdisciplinary perspective will allow for a holistic approach of the conference issues. Detailed issues can be found at the conference website www.agrifoodlogistics.eu on the tab About Forum  → Topics


Conference Proceedings
Submitted extended abstracts (2-4 pages) after positive acceptance will be published in the conference proceedings.

Please also note, that it is possible to publish the full paper in one of the three journals, which partnered with our conference. These are:

  • ·         Logistyka,
  • ·         Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development or
  • ·         LogForum.


The publishing of the full paper will be possible after fulfilling the requirements of Publisher. Detailed requirements can be found at the conference website www.agrifoodlogistics.eu on the tab Call for papers →  Full paper guidelines.


The official language of the Forum will be English, but also planned sessions in the Polish language as part of III AGROLOGISTYKA.


The conference program includes plenary, thematic and poster sessions, and additional plenary session during the study visit to one of the leading companies of agri-food sector in Wielkopolska Region and in Poland



Dr. Karol Wajszczuk
Chair of the Organizing Committee
2nd International Forum on Agri - Food Logistics
and the III National Scientific Conference AGROLOGISTYKA